Our aim is to develop, explore and identify creative strategies to disrupt knowledge conventions and dominant discourses of the past. Creative works are seen as catalysts for change to knowledge about the past for justice and transformation in the present. To this end, we prioritise a de-colonial approach that necessitates a differently configured relationship with the past which overturns and decentres European hegemonic discourses of knowledge.

We invite you to join the network as a way to debate, develop methodologies, publish and explore a range of artistic and scholarly works that challenges, asks questions and informs. Join our mailing list to hear of future art projects, events and publishing plans.

In June 2018, we launched the Network by hosting a film screening at Regent Street Cinema. This was followed by a day long symposium: Creating Interference: making art, developing methods, re-imagining histories/memories at the University of Westminster. 

Creating Interference is in association with the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM), University of Westminster and Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts). Creating Interference Planning Team includes Barby Asante, Melanie Keen, Roshini Kempadoo, Lucy Reynolds, Ashwani Sharma, and A’Ishah Waheed


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